"Thank you so much, Michael. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. When I told Amanda I needed an Attorney who was kind, calm, and someone who would talk to me like a human being - in terms I could understand - She said: "I know exactly who I'm going to get". And then two days later there you were. Thank you for fulfilling my exact requirements."

Thank you!! We appreciate you. Although things were a bit crazy, rocky etc.. we really are pleased with your service and would love to visit your barn of wonders!! Thanks again & be well - my husband is snoring away and I haven’t heard that in weeks. All is well.

- Jessica Berentsen

- Kathy Morgan

"We were super happy with our attorney, Michael Siegel. He addressed all our concerns in the beginning and explained everything to us. He even told us how the process was going to happen and that's exactly how it happened. Very happy with him."

- Erica and Curtis Philips

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